Apr 2, 2015

Zayn Malik releases new solo song after leaving One Direction


After quitting the British Irish band One Direction, Zayn Malik releases his new solo song demo track. Last Wednesday, he posted a statement on One Direction Official Facebook page that he will leaving the band group because he wants to have a normal life, to have a private time to relax out of the spotlight.

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He also apologized to all his fans that disappointed for his decision, as you remembered Zayn dropped his Asian tour after the issue circulating on social media allegedly he was with another women. Zayn Malik was engaged with to Perrie Edwards of Little Mix, but Zayn denies the allegation and insist that it was only one of the fans.

The demo track was released on SoundCloud last Tuesday, the song entitled “I Won’t mind” which lasts for almost three minutes. Many fans have different reactions about Zayn Malik solo song, some said they are not believed Zayn wants to have a private life out the spotlight was the true reason why he’s leaving One Direction Band. He is leaving the band because he wants a solo album.

The band group will continue with four members namely Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, and Liam Payne.
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Well, it was his decision. He is famous and have a millions fans who still support him whatever he does on his career. After all, they still friends of other One Direction band members and they still support for Zayn Malik. Directioners, let’s move on and support Zayn Malik on his new journey.

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