Dec 3, 2014

Papay Gwiyomi Version: Miss Gay Talent Funny Video - Viral



This two minutes and 19 seconds video will make you laugh for the whole time while you are watching, just look at to his face and you will understand how funny he was. Even me, i can't stop laughing while taking this video.

This video was taken last December 7, 2013 in Proj. 8 QC, this was his talent for Miss Gay Universe 2013 held during our fiesta celebration. I've uploaded this video on YouTube last January 22, 201 but, only few people discover my video. So I decided to re-upload to my Facebook account on November 23, 2014 and I'm surprised. After 3 days the video earned almost 25, 000 plus views and thousand shares on Facebook and still getting more and more views, shares, likes, and comments. See the video below.

Also watch on YouTube, you can also share this video to your friends and family. I'm sure it will make them laugh too.

Papay Gwiyomi Version: Miss Gay Talent Funny Video

Miss Gay Universe candidate number 3 performed his talent with this popular Gwiyomi gay Version, it was little scary but so funny. He brings happiness to the audience that night, until now if I watch it again I still laughs.


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