Apr 10, 2014

How to schedule post in your Facebook fan page - Facebook marketing strategy


How to schedule post in your Facebook fan page

Facebook offer schedule post feature which you allow to schedule your post.

Why you need to use Facebook schedule post on your fan page? If you are busy, sometimes you don’t have time to update your page regularly. Your pages will dead if you post lessen, even you have thousand of page likes if you lost organic reach you need to start earning it again.


If you lost organic reach (organic reach refers to a number of people saw your post in your page and their news feed, who is this people? They are your fans, friends of your fan who like, comment, and share your post.) It hard to gain it again because not all of your fans will see your post. To improve your organic reach you need to update your page frequent, (post every 30 minutes) after one week you can notice the results.

The best way to improve your organic reach fast is to post interesting and relevant content to your page atleast every 30 minutes, Yes you read it… I know you think you can’t do this, that's why schedule post feature is there.

You only need to spend 2 to 3 hours doing this and you will have a post in your page for 3 to 4 days, it depends on you. You can schedule post for 1 day only, you can choose how frequent your scheduled post will publish its either every 1 hour, 1 in a half hour, you can decide want fits for you.


You can also check your page insights to know the days and time mostly your fans are online, see example above from Monday to Sunday I’m having almost the same total of post reach, so I check for the time which I get higher post reach. Most of my fans engage with my post from 9am to 9pm, from midnight to 6am I get lower post reach. So I post lessen from midnight to 6am and I post every 10 to 20 minutes from 9am to m 10pm.

The data show above is for 1 week period only, please check your weekly insight. It may change every week.

Okay, how to schedule post in your facebook page.

First, of course you need to ready your content you have to post.

Sign in to your page you want to schedule post and start scheduling your post, see screen shot below.


1. Click the clock icon
2. Click on the calendar icon and select the date you want to publish your post.
3. Click the box and enter what time you want, please check the time clearly for         am/pm.
4. Click Schedule and your done.

After doing this, you must monitor your page if your schedule post is publishing in exact time and day you have set.

Disadvantage – sometime your scheduled post don’t publish, there’s an error on Facebook so please check your activity log regularly. You can publish directly from your activity log once it’s having an error.


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