Apr 11, 2014

Ways to Improve Your Facebook fan page Organic Reach for Free


Recently I discussed about how to schedule post in Facebook page, and today I want to share with you how Facebook organic reach is very important in a fan page to keep it alive, organic reach shows how many people reach when you post your content.

Facebook post reach help your fan page to grow, the more people saw your content the more chance you get higher organic reach.


In addition, there’s a chance that they will like not only your post but the page too, so you can earn like and get more engagement from them and your post will go viral.

Organic reach is refer to a number of unique people who saw your post in a news feed of your fans, friends of your fans who like, shared, and comment in you page post. Facebook change it algorithm which not all your fans can see your post in their news feed, so you need to do something to face the new Facebook algorithm.

Some marketers use Facebook ads to promote their content, results to more people engage and high post reach, but you need to pay for this feature.

In my experiment, I have improved my organic reach without paying for ads marketing. Today I want to share with you my techniques to improve your Facebook fan page organic reach for free.

Know the day and time of your fans which they more likely to engage with your post.

You can see the details of post engagements in your page insight, you can see the day and time which your post get higher/lower post reach. After getting information which post gets higher organic reach you know when and what time you need to post often.See example below.


Post Photos often than status.

Posting photos is most advisable, why? Because you don’t need to explain what about your post, Picture describes itself. Your fans is more likely to like, comments and share if you post picture than your posting status without picture, if you post status they need to read your it to understand what you are posting about. Fans are lazy to read status so they ignore your post and it will bring to your page bad feedback.

Note: Please post interesting photos, if you post dump photo your fans will hide it to their news feed. Worst thing to happen they might unlike your page, you can also repost some older post that get higher engagement but not often.

Use Schedule post feature


Schedule post method is tested, why you need to use it? because not all the time you are in front of your computer to post and update your pages you manage. So thanks for this feature you only have to spend about an hour scheduling your post. For my page (its more on celebrity news) I search in Google images related to the page I manage, and I scheduled post each of my pages up to 3 to 5 days. 

So I have more time to engage with my fans, I can do other things without worrying to update my pages. That’s my weekly routine, try it to your page and see the results if effective.

Note: If you are using smart phone, you can schedule you post using Facebook pages manager apps. You can download it on Play Store and iOS store.

Reply to their comments

The most important is you fans know you exist, to get loyal fans and to earn trust, reply to their comment, and any inquires so your fan will not feels bad that you ignore them If they feel you ignore them it will make them to unlike your page, see your post that have most the same like with many comments vs. few comments you will find out that more comments gets high organic reach than other post with few comments. Conversation with your fans is also important to grow your page.

Call of Action

Don’t just post a photo, make a caption related to it that will catch or encourage your fans to like, comment, and share your post. Try to ask them a question, if one fan comment on your post that’s the start of conversation that will lead to get higher engagement rates and organic reach.

Optional Post Often Relevant to your page

I manage five pages with 10k to 600k likes, each page need to update atleast every 30 minutes to get higher total post reach and to increase people engagement, its effective as I saw the results in one week. People talking about the page increase, page likes also increase.

What do you think about this article? share your thought with us on the comment box. we love to hear your feedback to improve our service.


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