Mar 25, 2014 Best Travel Affiliate Program for 2014 with 200usd Sign-up Bonus

advertisements "Best Travel Affiliate Program for 2014" with 200usd Sign-up Bonus when you approve to join their affiliate program.

To all who wants to earn extra income to your website/blog, I want to share this "adsense alternative" way to earn money online through this travel affiliate program of

hoteltravel-com-best-affiliate-program-photo offers $200 per year guaranteed sign-up bonus to everyone if your site/blog is approved to join to their affiliate program. They will send the $200 in partial for one year, every month you will receive $16.66 directly to your Paypal account (used verified Paypal account, its easy and convenient to receive money than bank wire transfer).

I heard in the Facebook group which I am a member called (Ask Pinoy Blogger) Admin Charlie Montemayor shared this affiliate program to us, was directly contacted him if he wants to join in their affiliate program because Sir Charlie was running a travel blog.

So I wait until he get paid from and shows the proof of payment, after a month he update us the he got paid of $16.66 so I decided to sign-up directly to affiliate. Take note, my blog topic is general and I have only few post about travel but they approve my application 3 days after I  put their banner on my blog.

They approve my blog last December 3, 2013 and I get my first payment on December 27, 2013, second payment on January 30, 2014 and third payment on February 21, 2014. See below the proof of payments, for the month of March I'm still waiting them to send the payment I will update you once I receive my 4th payment.

If you have a travel blog, travel related blog and entertainment blog you can join affiliate program.

Why you must become a Partner? 

  • features unrivaled hotel selection available at the lowest rate guaranteed in every country and destination on the planet. 

  • Get paid commissions for both the clicks and hotel bookings for an entire year. offers the highest payout of any affiliate program in the travel industry. 

  • Unlike other travel affiliate programs, every single HotelTravel Partner, large and small earns a GUARANTEED commission of $200 per year

  • Give your customers a more engaging and dynamic experience, with fully customizable banners, widgets and links. 

If you wondering how much money you can earn in see below. 

  • If you signup you will earn $200 GUARANTEED.

  • Many programs only offer money for sales, while offer $0.10 per click AND 4% - 8% tiered commission when your customer departs on their trip. (Take note, don't cheat by clicking your own banner ads to generate revenue or else you will banned to their affiliate program.)

  • Every month payments are conveniently made to your account via your choice of PayPal or bank wire transfer. 


" is one of the fastest growing hotel booking websites on the Internet and part of MakeMyTrip Limited (NASDAQ:MMYT), India’s most popular travel portal and the largest ecommerce business in the country.'s fast growing global network includes more than 140,000 hotels worldwide.

The company uses the latest technology to deliver best value hotel rates and promotions to leisure and business travellers with a strong focus on Asia’s most popular destinations.'s multinational staff comprises hundreds of professionals from over 20 different countries, all with extensive experience in the both the internet and travel industries.

The company's multilingual teams of highly trained native language speaking Customer Service Experts provide first-rate reservation assistance that anticipates the needs of each individual customer."

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Procedure 1: How to join? Go to HotelTravel Affiliate and click join now as you can see the photo below.


Procedure 2: Fill up the registration form, please complete all field with the red mark as you can see the photo below as example. Check all the information if correct and hit sign-up. Check your inbox for first email confirmation, they will review you site/blog just wait  for the second email confirmation if you are approve or not. Proceed to step number 4, its for verification process so you must install their banner ads to your site/blog the you use to apply. They check it for approval or rejection.


Procedure 3: Sign in to your Affiliate account and generate banner ads code, I used medium rectangular (300x250) banner ads and put it into my blog in the sidebar portion.
Images below shows to customize your banner campaign, select the country/city and the most important the size of your campaign that suit to your site/blog to be use then click next.


Copy the banner campaign code and install it to your site/blog and your done.


Payment proof number 1.


Payment proof number 2.


Payment proof number 3.

Don't remove their banner to your site/blog for 1 year, if you decide to remove it... It means you don't want to receive any payments in the future from

Good luck, happy blogging.

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