Feb 6, 2014

Flappy Bird Will Suck Your World its so Addicted


UPDATES: You can't download the Flappy Bird on iOS Apps Store and Goggle Play Store anymore, developer Dong Nguyen shutdown Flappy Bird.

Flap your bird, did you play Flappy Bird? If not you should try it. When I first saw a screen shot of this game flooding on my wall on Facebook, it grabs my attention on the caption. The game looks so simple and easy to play why these people say… “It’s hard to play Flappy Bird, Flappy Bird is suck.”


So I thought I must try this game, I download it from Google play for my android phone. My first impression was its is a very simple game, easy to learn and even my 4 year old niece know how to play this in 5 second unlike other games such as Temple run, Angry birds, Zombie Tsunami, and other most trending games takes long time to learn.

Flappy Bird anyone can play it, you only have to tap on the screen so your bird continues to flap. But is not what you think, this game has a simple concept but it’s hard to play. I hate this game but honestly its super addicted, it feels me like to kill the bird when it hit the pole. It’s ridiculous, so annoying I want to throw my phone on the wall hahaha! You only have 1 live so you need to start from the start.

Flappy Bird is now number one of the chart in Google play for free to download in games with 4.1 star ratings, and number one in the iOS Apps Store today.

As of now my score is 11, and I’m still trying to figure out the best technique to get the more high score. For those who play this game what is your score, do you feel the same what I felt? Share with us on the comment box.


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