Dec 6, 2013

Why this Photo Goes Viral in Social Media


The ''viral photo'' below was uploaded by JM Descalzo on his Facebook account yesterday and goes viral on the web specially on Facebook, thousands of people likes and shared this photo. As of today it was getting almost 91 thousand of likes and 22  thousand already shared.
Photo credit to JM Descalzo

Why it goes viral on the web? here's the story about this photo. 
Overheard while I was on my way to school just today...
Lola: Bayad ho
Jeepney driver: Señior citizen ho kayo?
Lola: oho.
Jeepney driver: May kasama ho kayo? 
Lola: wala ho
Jeepney driver: *returning back the money to the old lady* Wag na ho kayo magbayad 
Lola: Ha? Bakit?
Jeepney driver: *smiling* Kung wala po kayong kasama kahit ilan pa kayong señior citizen dito sa jeep ko basta hindi kayo magkakilala, nililibre ko. Ang sarap kaya tumulong. Para pag tanda ko, meron din tutulong sa akin!

He was such a good Samaritan, that's the reason why I felt the need to share this to everyone. May he be blessed all his life. Saludo ako sayo, kuya driver! JM captioned the photo.
Its very inspiring to know about this news of an old woman and a "good Samaritan" Jeepney driver, despite of all the problems we faced in our country.


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