Nov 18, 2013

We Are The World For Philippines Video Now Viral - A Tribute to Typhoon Yolanda Victims


Its been a week since the "Typhoon Yolanda" devastated Philippines especially in central Visayas,  almost 3,000 plus people lost their lives, 12 thousands plus injured, thousand of houses destroyed. 


Today I wanna share this video created by Kevin Ayson entitled "We Are The World For  Philippines.

The video was uploaded last November 13, 2013 and goes viral, it received almost 31 thousands of likes and about 2.3 millions of views, Kevin create this video to share the story of humanity, kindness, and generosity of all the nations who give their hand to help the all the Filipinos victim of Typhoon Yolanda.

Here's the video below.

This video wants to reunite the people not only the Filipinos but around the world, Filipino people are strong and I know we will survive this tragedy. #BangonPilipinas

Kids shows their smile even they are suffering from the super typhoon Yolanda.
This video is a way to say thank you to all nations that help Filipinos, to motivate the Filipino people that their hope. If you watch the video, it will touch your heart. It will make you cry, it show the love and care that other nations gives to the Philippines and to the Filipino people.


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