Sep 12, 2013

Apple Unveil the Next-Generation iPhone 5s Model


Last Tuesday Apple unveil their newest next-generation iPhone, they revealed the "iPhone 5s" together with the low-cost iPhone 5C model. As you can on the photo below, the design was the same with their previous iPhone model which is the iPhone 5.

It doesn't matter with regards in its physical design; the most important is its features have improved.  Apple says “Progress is a beautiful thing, iPhone has always been forward thinking” that’s why they add several upgrades for this new iPhone 5s.
Touch ID Feature

iPhone 5s has a number of improvements that you really love, thanks for the apple engineers and designers. It has equipped with advance technology which is the Touch ID – a fingerprint identity sensor.

It is the very first time in iPhone that use this technology for a smartphone, "Touch ID" feature is use to unlock your iPhone 5s using your fingerprint. So you don’t need to memorize and enter password to unlock you phone, just put your fingertip on the Home button and it will automatically unlock. Touch ID will also use as a replacement to your Apple ID password that ask when downloading apps from Apple store.


Touch ID feature was place at the home button where you mostly touch phone, by pressing the home button the Touch ID sensor feature will activate to recognize your fingerprint and unlocking your iPhone 5s.

The home button has a Laser-cut sapphire crystal that sends the images of your finger to the sensor to read your fingerprints surrounded by stainless steel detection ring to detect your finger to wake up the capacitive sensor below the ring.

See below the Touch ID design feature.



Another feature iPhone 5s is it runs a 64-bit mobile architecture for you to experience a desktop performance in your hand, because they use the new processor A7 chip to runs faster the device and coprocessor M7 that design for specific task to save battery power and no need to engage with A7 chip that require more energy to use than M7. A7 chip also enhanced the CPU and graphics performance.

About the Camera

I know you are interested about the new features of iPhone 5s iSight camera, million people loves to take photograph including me. Your photos is priceless it will bring back your memories, so you camera should be great to capture a remarkable photo. 

The iPhone 5s camera still 8 megapixels rear camera (1.2MP front) but it has a larger sensor that increase by 15% than iPhone 5, it means larger sensor a results of bigger pixels, great photographs will captured.

They also increased the aperture of the iSight camera by f/2.2 from 1.5 microns so the light sensitivity increase by 33%, and they add also the true tone flash a dual LED flash with different color that have the abilities to give you a perfect natural color of your subject when it captured same goes as you see by naked eye.


Burst Mode

Burst mode is also perfect; you can continue capture moving subject up to 10 photos per second. So you can choose the best photo without missing any single moves.

Sometime there’s a scene that after you captured the photo it was blur so it will ends up to delete that photo, but if your phone have automatic image stabilization it will helps to avoid blur picture.

Panorama Feature

When you have to capture wide scene and you want to take it closely but in single shoot, you can use the panorama feature. Let’s you take a sequence motion picture and auto-combine into single stunning image.

For the first time, iPhone 5s can shoot HD video at 120 frames per second in 720p. With this feature you can watch your captured video in slow-motion mode, imagine if you captured stunning moment of your family like cliff jumping and watch it in slow-motion. You will also feel and see the excitement.

Battery life:

Talk time up to 10 hours on 3G

Internet use up to 8 hours on 3G, up to 10 hours on LTE and Wi-Fi

Video playback up to 10 hours

Audio playback up to 40 hours

Standby time up to 250 hours

Available color for iPhone 5s:

Silver, space gray Black, and the newest color is Gold.

Storage capacity and price (US)

16GB ($199), 32GB ($299), 64GB ($399) with two-year contract on carriers (AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, and Sprint) 

Estimated price in the Philippines

16GB – P30, 000.00

32GB- P35, 000.00

64GB – 40, 000.00

See more iPhone 5s full specification >

Some people was wondering, Does their finger are still safe if their iPhone 5s was stolen? Well Apple said the your finger is still safe, because the new features of  iPhone 5s which is the Touch ID only reads a live fingerprint so your finger is still safe.


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