Sep 14, 2013

How To Embed Chatwing Chat Widget into Your Site


Chatting tools are very efficient when it comes to connecting people because it’s very easy to use and is affordable too.

That’s why even site owners would love to set up chatting tools of their own – so they can form a bond with their readers and persuade them to visit their site again.

However, there are a lot of chatting tools out there, so they would have to pick one that would be just right for the job. If you’re one of these site owners, you might just find that Chatwing is the right one.

And here’s a simple tutorial in how you can embed it in your site.


First you need to have a Chatwing account. All you need to do is go to its site and complete a very simple registration process that would usually take less than a minute to do.

When you’re done registering, you might have noticed that you’re automatically redirected to another page. That is the place where you’ll be creating your chat box or modify the ones that you have previously created – the Dashboard. You’re already supplied with a default one so there’s no need to create a new chat box for now. Choose that and press the Use Chat box button.

The page you’re on right now is the embedding page. This is where you’ll choose how to use the chat box. We’re embedding it on your site, so pick the Embedding Options tab.

The page will show you two bars that you’ll need to use and the html codes below. The bars act as a ruler in adjusting the size of the chat box when it goes live on your site. By utilizing that, you’ll either make smaller to save up web space or larger to make it more visible to your visitors.

After you’re done adjusting, highlight the html Javascript code below – that’s the code for your chatbox. You’ll need to copy that and paste it on your site. When you’re done, save your progress and then refresh your site. After that, you’ll have your chatbox fully operational and ready for use. 

 Embedding - Pasting 

  Embedding - Done 

There are some sites that don’t support Chatwing’s JavaScript codes, so in case your site happens to be one of those, here’s a backup plan. All you need to do is to is to replace the JavaScript with an I-Frame one that is also found in the embedding options tab.

Though it might look simple to use at a glance, Chatwing is actually a very sophisticated tool that is complimented with a lot of features.

You can implement these features by customizing your chat box. You can do so by going back to the Dashboard and clicking on the Customize Chat-box button. The customization panel is a very through process that is separated by tabs.


Here’s what a modified chatroom could look like:

A word of advice – Always save your progress once you’re done customizing, or you’ll lose the changes you’ve made and start all over again.

Chatwing is a great chatting tool overall, and it even becomes better once its features are also utilized. It’s a place where your viewers can easily chat in and have a conversation with you or the other chatters without having to be bothered by spam and obnoxious people – Chatwing can deal with that easily. Site owners hoping to bring customer satisfaction to their clients via live chat will surely love having this chat software support their site.

About the author:

Aaron Kro is an active web developer and technology enthusiast who believe in the power of communication and internet freedom. In his spare time he enjoys playing tennis, swimming and spending time with family.


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