Aug 21, 2013

The Voice of the Philippines Completed the Top 24 Artist


From thousands of artists who tried to audition from different parts of the world who tried their voice to be heard, now the remaining artists have already conquered the blind audition and the battle round.

After the blind audition and battle round, finally each coach has picked six artists to complete the list of 24 artists who will advance to the next level of competition which is the live show.

They are including to the top 24 who will be competing on the live show next week. This top 24 are the luckiest artist makes it from the battle round and have a chance to be the first “The voice of the Philippines” grand winner.

Below are the lists of “The voice of the Philippines top 24 artist” who will compete on the live show starting next week August 24, 2013.

For Team Lea
For Team Sarah
1. Mitoy Yonting
2. Diday Garcillano
3. Kim Mainit
4. Darryl Shy
5. RJ dela Fuente
6. Radha

1. Morissette Amon
2. Yuki Ito
3. Junji Arias
4. Eva delos Santos
5. Maki Ricafort
6. Klarisse De Guzman

For Team Bamboo
For Team Apl
1. Lee Grane
2. Angelique Alcantara
3. Paolo Onesa
4. Isa Fabregas
5. Talia Reyes 
6. Myk Perez

1. Tristhan Perfecto
2. Thor Dulay
3. Penelope Matanguihan
4. Janice Javier
5. Jessica Reynoso
6. Cora dela Cruz

And now that the coaches already complete the list of top 24 artists, on the live show every contestant will face the challenges more intense, and more interesting parts of the competition will happen.

But before the live show next week, every Saturday the life show will be held, which is we will witness what happened behind the preparation, and this is the first times and very special scene all artists from different coaches will get together to sing the song of their life, and we will find out about the story of their life before and until now that they are part of the singing competition “The voice of the Philippines.”

And every Sunday, We'll watch the most awaited the live show. Which each participant will show their best performance to remain the competition. Each coach will divide their artist into two groups; every live show three artist will do their solo performance. 

The host Toni Gonzaga said the first artist who automatically in is the artist who has the highest votes. The coach will pick one for the remaining two artists to remain the competition.


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