Aug 5, 2013

The Google Moto X | Lets Design your Own Smartphone Looks


In collaboration of the Big G (Google) Motorola introduced the most anticipated Moto X smartphone, the Moto X is the first smartphone created by Motorola Mobility and Google that the buyers has the opportunity to create their own design for their phone. Sounds amazing right?

So what to expect about Moto X features? Well, I know we are expecting more guys because two big companies are created this smartphone together and what exactly they can offer for us to talk and tells to other about this information. What Google and Motorola do just to please consumers to be satisfied their works. 

According to Motorola, the consumer can visit online Moto Maker studio and request to "customize the look of their Moto X smartphone." They can choose what colors you they want in front and back, and also they can choose the accents, wallpaper, storage capacity, (although theirs is no SD card slot available for expansion) you can pick between 16GB or 32GB.

It will assemble in United State and free for delivery. I have no Idea if it will available here in the Philippines, a report it will available in United State, Canada, and Latin America. 

"Moto X" is designed to be a fully voice control, or we called “permanent listening mode.” Operated hands free, all you want to do is speak and Moto X will serve you what you, like gives you direction, call in your contact list, weather forecast, captured photo/video etc., without touching the screen.

It similar to Google Glass that response and generate words ex. You want to search the term “Moto X” just says “Ok Google now,” and then tell it what to do like “Moto X” that's it. Your Moto X will automatically trigger the search results for you. Other phone has similar this function was iPhone that use voice command called Siri and Samsung smartphone.

Moto X is powered by Google’s Android software Jelly Bean 4.2.2, A Snap Dragon S4 Pro 1.7 GHz Krait Dual Core Processor, Additional 320 Aderno GPU. It comes with 16/32 GB storage space choices, (no MicroSD slot) and 2GB of RAM, 10 megapixel auto-focus rear camera with clear pixel and 2MP secondary camera front facing. With 4.7” capacitive touch screen and RGB AMOLED display Gorilla Glass, 2200mAh battery capacity.  


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