Aug 28, 2013

Facebook Unveil Shared Photo Album Feature


What Facebook can offer now to its billion active users online? Well, Facebook unveil a new feature which is a “shared photo album.”

What is shared photo album? The shared photo album feature is an album that you can invite you friends as contributors which means; they can upload photos on shared album.

A screen shot of Facebook shared album. Photo credit via 
Unlike before, users can add photos only to our own photo album. This feature is perfect for group parties, wedding, family reunion, gathering and other shared event.  

If you invite or your friends invite you on shared album feature as a contributor, the album will visible to directly in the profile of each contributor, and can view, edit, and add photos in the album.

You can invite contributors up 50 friends to share their photos.

We all know that our photos are very important, it shows a thousand words. In this new feature, our family, friends, co-workers are now able to collaborate memorize on the shared photo album. 

Hopefully Facebook members will use shared album in a good way because, we can’t have fully control how people will use after the photo was downloaded.

According to Facebook, album creators have a fully control over album setting regarding allowing contributors to invite others to the album.

Creators will have the power to delete and edit all the photos in the album but contributors have only an editing power over the photos they have uploaded.

Each contributor can share up to 200 photos, privacy setting available in three: public, friends of contributors and contributors only. "Shared album" feature is not available in page album.


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