Aug 23, 2013

Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg Aims To Put The Entire World Online


Mark Zuckerberg unveiled the project that aims to put the entire world online and connects billions of people who lack access of internet, the project called “ — Every one of us. Everywhere. Connected.” 

This project is intended to widen Internet access more affordable and efficient for about five billion people around the world that have no internet access using a smartphone-based internet services, based on study two thirds of the population around the world without internet access.

"The Internet not only connects us to our friends, families and communities, but it is also the foundation of the global knowledge economy," Zuckerberg said.
That’s why Mark Zuckerberg led for a global partnership with biggest technology leaders, experts, nonprofits, and local communities for the project “” to work together and make a 5 billion people connected around the world using the affordable and efficient Internet access.

It will give people a power to connect, share and more way to go online.

Here are the lists of partners for the project.

1. Facebook
2. Ericson
3. Nokia
4. Samsung
5. Qualcomm
6. Opera
7. Media Tel Inc.

These partners have joined the mission that will change the world in terms of providing of communication and services for people everywhere through a low cost and convenient Internet accessibility.

Imagine people around the world have a power to connect each other, discover new possibilities and innovation for next generation of digital and wireless technology.

Smartphone today are consuming more energy when you use it for surfing the net because of higher data downloads when using apps like Twitter and Facebook, so these partnership will make simplify mobile apps for a higher-quality internet access but low-cost, reduce the amount of data downloads for  less energy to consume to make things easier.

For me, internet should be available to everyone who doesn't have it now. Thanks to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg for the “ project.”We are looking forward to the success of this project that both sides will benefits.


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  1. I like Every one of us. Everywhere. Connected.

  2. Thanks Sir @Roy Paran for dropping your comments here.


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