Jun 15, 2013

Happy Father's Day To all Daddy's all over the World


Tomorrow is the day which we celebrate  "Father's Day," and you are thinking what things you will do to make your Dad happy. Most Dad's is always there when you need it, a person who provide you everything to have a better life. This coming "Father's Day" lets make your Dad happy which he deserve for all  sacrifices he did, make it simple but make sure the he will not forget it for the rest of his life.

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How to make your Dad feel very special this coming "Father's Day?"

  • > Buy tickets for movie marathon.
  • > Or make a simple but heart warming and inspirational greeting card.
In my own experience, ever since I've never great my Dad on Father's Day. We're not to close to each other but it does't mean I don't love my Father, I'm not a kind of person that very vocal. I felt like its a weird  to say that words, but now... I realized how important that words for my Father, but its to late to say that. He never heard it at all, He passed away last month :(. For those children with Dad still alive, always show your love to Dad. Appreciate everything he did for you, and don't forget to say thank you, I love you. 

"Happy Father's Day to all Daddy's around the world"

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