May 20, 2013

Go SMS Pro - The Best SMS Apps for Android Users


We all know that most of Filipinos are addicted in texting than calling, because it is the cheapest way to communicate with your family, friends, and co-workers. And most of us are using smart phone especially android phone. You will enjoy texting and reading your messages if you can customize your text message. I will recommend you to use “Go SMS Pro apps” the best sms apps for android that can be downloaded for free at Google Play Store.
Photo credit to: Play store
I've been using Go SMS Pro apps since 2011 and I have no problems encountered with apps on my Samsung Galaxy S III android phone. 

Go SMS Pro is a text messaging application that replaced your default android phone text messaging tool, by using this apps you can personalized the design by customizing the looks of your incoming/outgoing font style, size, color, and background. It depends on theme you have applied, see example below. This is the latest iOS7 Go sms Pro theme.

Go SMS Pro iOS7 theme, You can also download hundreds of themes for your choice of design available at Play Store.Photo credit to: Play store.
The most I love about the features of GO SMS Pro Apps are:

When someone send you Merry Christmas or Happy New Year message there’s a snow flakes falling around the text messages application.
  • You can set a pop-up launcher for incoming messages, so you can quickly read and reply.It has a cloud backup, so you can restore it easily if you deleted the informant text from your phone.
  • You can setting up scheduled SMS, set a schedule time messages for example: you want to send your message tomorrow; you can compose your message now then set the date and time to be sent, of course don't forget to add recipient. It automatically sends according to setting you set up.
  • You can set up security lock so anyone can’t open your text message; there are two types of security lock to set up. One is you can create PIN and second is a Pattern type.
  • You can choose from hundreds of theme to use and customize it. 
  • Customizable transition design.
So if you want to experience the best messaging apps for your android phone download now at Play store for free.

Tips: If you are using "Go SMS Pro" make sure you disable the system or default notification to avoid double notification.

What do you think about Go SMS Pro Apps, share your comments below, we love to hear from you.

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  1. How can the snowflakes be disabled? It's cool but annoying.

  2. Hi Shawn, it will automatic disable if you reply the messages unless you reply same word like Merry Christmas or Happy New year it will not disable.


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