May 7, 2013

Omar Borkan Al Gala Deported for Being Too Handsome - He is now the New Internet Sensation


Do you agree that being a good looking person should be a crime? I can’t believe it… but in the case of “Omar Borkan Al Gala,” apparently he experience to get deported from Saudi Arabia for being a good looking.

The Religious Police of Saudi Arabia ordered Omar to leave from their country and go back to Abu Dhabi UAE just to protect their women for destruction and temptation from a good looking person. "Omar Borkan Al Gala" – Actor, photographer, model, and poet based in Dubai, many women claims that Omar is very attractive man and he can’t stop women to admire him.

Omar Borkan Al Gala photo
The man who was too sexy  for Saudi Arabia, being good looking can be crime in Saudi Arabia? According to the report Omar Borkan was deported from Saudi for being too handsome. Photo by: Omar Borkan Al Gala
Omar is now the new internet sensation, many people around the world can recognize his face. Even in the mall and crowded places asking to take a picture with him.  His Facebook fan page receive almost 700, 00 likes, thousands of comments from women and men. People are confused how he was a distraction for the women of Saudi Arabia.

I’ve read some comments from his Facebook page, someone inviting him to go their hometown, and some have been proposed marriage to him. A Greek God look a like "Omar Borkan" admits that he feels amazed about people admire him, talking about him. 

He also reveals that he is 25 years old and SINGLE. His pictures have been viral on the internet, and become an instant international stardom that changed his life. Some people was wondering… is he too sexy for Saudi? 


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