Apr 5, 2013

How Kevin Villanueva Graduation Photo' Inspired Thousands of Pinoy - Receiving overwhelming reaction from netizens


Graduation day is one of the happiest moments in our life and especially for our parents, what if your parents are not there to witness that moment.

Kevin Villanueva photo
Kevin Villanueva seating on his parent's grave wearing a toga. 
Here’s a torching story of 21-years old “Kevin Villanueva” who "inspired thousand of people" on social networking site Facebook. "Kevin Villanueva" posted his graduation photo taken with his parent’s grave on Facebook™ wearing a toga captioned:  "Akala nyu kayo lang ang may picture kasama parents nyu ha :))” ("You think you are just the only one  have a picture with parents on graduation day?  :)))”. After he posted this photo it will goes viral on social networking site Facebook.

He posted this photo to show to the people how much he loved his parents even though they’re not on  his side. He want to show to his parents that he finish his study and hoping that his late Mother and Father would be proud of him.

A the age 10, his mother past away after a series of nervous breakdowns, in 2009 when he was in college his Father also died due to cardiac arrest.  Despite the of all trail in his life, he never stop thinking about his future. He continues his studies in Colegio San Juan de Letran Manila with the help of his Aunt.
        Here’s some of the statement of Kevin Villanueva when he interviewed by Yahoo Asia
 "At first it was hard. But as the days passed, I stopped thinking of it as a sad thing," Villanueva told Yahoo! Southeast Asia.
Villanueva also hinted at giving a singing a shot, even as he remembered how his mother died while he was performing a song at a school program.
"The night before she died, I asked her what song I should sing in school. I don't remember the lyrics but she sang it to me; that was my best memory of her," Villanueva said.
He held on to such memories and resolved to see a better future, Villanueva said, adding that so should other Pinoys in similar situations.
"They should not think that they don't have money and instead build determination to not stay where they are right now," Villanueva said.
"They should not lose hope because, however cliche it may sound, everything happens for a reason," he added.”
"Sobrang thankful ako sa maraming taong nagpaabot ng message nila sa akin online (I'm thankful to those who extended their messages online)," Villanueva said in a phone interview."


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