Apr 12, 2013

Top 5 Best Family Locator Apps to Secure your Family - Family Locator Tips


When it comes to the security of our family, we make sure our family is always safe. But how can you assure that all the time you are there to protect them, mostly when you’re busy at work and your kids are in school you will not know if they are in school or they arrive at home.

Today, high - technology are spans over the year. Many devices invented to operate in a convenient way of living. I want to share these apps to help you keep track your love ones; it’s called “Family Locator app.”

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Top 5 "Best Family Locator Apps" to Secure your Family

1. Life360 Family Locator

Life360 protect your precious family, it can locate your family using GPS tracking technology. You can download this apps for free on android devices and other smartphones it also compatible with non-smartphones for $4.99 per month up to 5 members.

Life360 Features

Locate your family member on the map to know where they are.

It will automatically update other family members about your location using favorite location; you can get alert when your kids get homes from school.

Get updates where your family goes most frequently, you can check about the surroundings, it show nearby safety points like police station, hospital ect.

You can also get alerts for nearby crimes letting you know about recent crimes happen.

The most brilliant feature of these apps is the “send one-button panic alerts” if you need help just send text message to other family members to get in touch in one touch button.

You can tract your lost or misplace phones.

Parent’s can keep tracking their kids using these apps with peace in mind, if your phone stolen you can easily track.
These apps allow each member to tract each other, GPS Tracking Pro will keep your family or friends get in touch what’s happening. GPS Tracker will send real-time location of your family and friends using android phones or iPhone, it also send alerts if they are in trouble. GPS Tracking Pro also developed by

Safety of our family is the first thing to considered, Mobilelocate family locator keeping you alert the safety and security of you kids and other family member.
You are able to locate them from computer or smartphone device to locate them where they are 24/7 hassle free. MobileLocate used GPS technology and cell network data to locate your phone on satellite map.

Check out there plan and prices at

Currently this app is offered on mobile devices carriers: 

In United State

ATT, T-Mobile, Sprint PCS, Verizon, BoostMobile, Cricket Wireless, TracFone, H20 Wireless 

In Canada 

Rogers, Telus

Family locator it allows to track up to 5 devices using one account using GPS technology, it easy to manage and locate your family. It is compatible with Android and Symbian S60, developers are now working to provide a version for Windows 7, iPhone, and Blackberry device. 

Free trial for 7 days, Buy premium price at $3.15 per month. If you are using premium service, you can get alerts when your family members arrived or left at their current location. You can also read incoming and outgoing SMS remotely.

Check out there plan and prices at

Using footprints, you can locate your kids and other family members and share their location to family and friends. You can keep track your family and stay up-to-date where your loved ones go or arrived at home. Footprints will alert you when your kids move by activating the sensors movement. This app is design for iPhone and iPad

Find out more on or you can download at Appstore

Free version of this app does not give all features as said, this is a great to monitor our kids, but on the other hand they are also monitoring us, read out inbox, phone calls. If you love this list or you want to share your expeince using this locator apps please leave your comments below. We want to hear feedback from you to enhance our work and to give more realable info for you.


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  2. The very best tracking app is GPS Tracker Ultimate - Coooeee. This has more features than any other tracking app on the market. Somen kids aren't even old enough to be given a smart phone, this is where Coooeee is different as it can also track your own personnel GPS tracking device and therefore you do not have to worry about giving your younger kids a $500 phone! And yes, Coooeee also works with your phones too so you can keep track of family & friends. Coooeee is also fully automated and does not really on your kids having to manually check-in or out. You just set up the zones and you wil be notified when they get there and when they leave. simple!

  3. Does anyone know how to apply this on laptops? I want to use it as a security feature in case I get my laptop stolen and possibly trace my friends who always borrow it. It'll be a funny way to find a laptop and phone without letting the other person know.

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  5. Checkout Family GPS Locator & Messenger :

    It is completely free family safety service application.
    It gives you a simple and secure way to stay connected with your family.


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