Apr 4, 2013 - Top 10 Best Must-Have Apps for Your Android Device


The Google Play Store has come a long way since its initial release few years ago as Android Market. The store has now more than 700,000 apps, while you may not need every one of them, this list will certainly give you top 10 best android  apps which would improve your "smartphone" or your life!

The list will be discussing apps only and not games as most of them like Temple Run, Angry Birds, Cut the Rope, etc. are already very popular. Also, apps already installed in Android like Gmail, Google Maps, etc. will not be discussed. Neither the hugely popular apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Instagram, etc. as most of the people already use them. 

"Here's Top 10 Must-Have Apps for Android Devices"

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dolphin browser photo

One of the top fastest browsers for Android devices, apart from basic functionality of browsing, it gives some really useful features like gesture based interface, SONAR support (controlling browser through voice), add-ons support, syncing history or bookmarks to other devices, sharing links/web pages on social media, etc. 

2) Lookout 

lookout security apps photo

While Android is not prone to malware and viruses, but as they say ‘Prevention is better than Cure’, so it’s always better to have an app against such harmful stuff. 

Lookout does that and much more by protecting your device from theft. It gives the ability to find the location of device via and option of remotely locking and wiping the data. The app comes in both free and premium versions, with more advanced features present in premium version. 

3) AirDroid 

AirDroid photo

Still using data cable or Bluetooth to transfer data between phone and computer? With AirDroid, your files, pictures, videos, etc. can be transferred wirelessly. For using the app, the phone and computer should be in the same Wi-Fi network. For using AirDroid in computer, simply go to and enter the passcode given in the AirDroid app for full functionality or go to IP address given in the app for lite mode. The app allows accessing, adding, deleting and organizing contacts, text messages, images, files, etc. from the computer. 

4) Dropbox 
dropbox photo

Dropbox is one of the trendiest services for cloud storing and thus giving user the ability to access files across the internet using all compatible devices. Just store important files on or through Dropbox desktop client and they can be accessed via Dropbox app from phone and vice-versa. One of the brilliant features about the app is that it can automatically upload images in one clicked from phone’s camera to your Dropbox apps. 

camera360 photo

While Instagram gives you the ability to use filters to make photos look good, Camera 360 has the various effects, scenes, color balance, etc., options to click wonderful photos. The pictures clicked can also be shared to various social networks like Facebook and Twitter. The app also acts as a photo organizer. 

6) MX Player 

MX video player photo

The built in video player can’t play video of all formats and doesn’t have many options to enhance video watching experience. MX player is one of the best video players having various advantages such as zooming through pinching and swiping the video, play multiple video formats, play subtitles, etc. It also can play Full HD videos (1080 p) without any delay; I’ve been using this on my android phone. 

7) Pocket 

pocket apps photo

In many times, surfing the web and find some interesting article, video or web page on desktop, but due to lack of time, you don’t read it properly and bookmark it. What if you can read it on your mobile phone? Pocket is an app which allows you to read that article or watch video on your phone on the go hassle free. For sending any web page to pocket, simply use pocket’s browser extension ( 

8) Feedly 

feedly reader photo

Recently Google’s decision to close "Google Reader" (Googleblog post) invited huge criticism from its users, perhaps because RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is one of the best ways to stay updated with the news. Feedly is an app as well as website which allow users to access Google Reader’s RSS in a visual manner. Simply connect the app with Google Reader or add some websites/blog of your interest and app is ready to go! You can get now all fresh news and updates. 

toshI photo

It’s very difficult to manage one’s daily expenses and thus planning weekly or monthly budget. Toshl acts as your personal finance manager for tracking expenses, budget keeping, organizing bills, currency conversion, etc. It also syncs across all device or The app’s premium version allows you to manage multiple budgets and multiple recurring expenses. 

amazon appstore for android photo

The Google Play store is great when it come downloading free android apps, but it is not the only place to find and download apps. Amazon’s app store is also a good way to find apps and the best part is that it features a different paid app for free each day.

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  1. mx player and dropbox are the best apps ever to use on android!!


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