Mar 13, 2013

Vatican City:Cardinals resume the conclave to elect new pope


Vatican Conclave photo
Manila: The 115 cardinals return to the Sistine Chapel to vote again, they are scheduled to have 4 times elections daily two in the morning and two in the afternoon until they will successfully elected a "new pope." When a new pope is voted, a white smoke will appear from the Vatican chimney. 

The “election of Papacy” was begun yesterday at St. Peter Vatican City, Rome. Unfortunately a black smoke rises from the “world famous chimney “of Vatican’s Sistine Chapel earlier Wednesday, this indicate that the 115 cardinals unsuccessfully to elect a "new pope."

There’s 1 election was held on Tuesday night, the candidate must get the two-thirds vote to be elected as a new pope. Filipino citizen expect for Cardinal Tagle’s chances as a successor to the papal throne. Tagle is one of the youngest cardinals at today. It doesn’t matter who will be the new pope, all we need is a good leader for all Catholic people around the world. Never mind about the race.


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