Mar 15, 2013

Samsung GALAXY S 4 Unveil: Read the review to know more


The most awaited smartphone finally unveil last Thursday, March 14 at Radio City Music Hall, New York City. But we are little upset about the reveal of final product which we have read so many stories and rumors that it will look big different than Galaxy S 3. But still there are some surprise features about the new Samsung galaxy s4. It larger that "Galaxy S 3" with 5-inch screen.

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Samsung Company has begun the flagship of their newest smartphone, the “Samsung galaxy s 4” around the world and it will available soon in the market in your country. We can assure that it will going to hit in the market like the successful of “Galaxy S 3,” which sold over 100 million units in 2012.

The new feature will be equipped:

Galaxy S 4 still looks like the Galaxy S III, but wider and slimmer. It offers more features that you’ll be love to know. “Galaxy S 4” is powered by 4.2.2 Jelly Bean android OS and 2 GB RAM, 1.9 GHz quad-core processor or Exynos 5 1.6 GHz Octa processor, but it will depend of your region, some region will get quad-core chip which Octa processor doesn't support LTE network.

Galaxy S4 device used a “green pholed” AMOLED display which auto adjust the phone for you like brightness display depending on the surrounding, another feature of “Galaxy S 4” is the Smart Pause resumes, which means the phone knows what you are doing, it using face-detection technology to help understand the user, for example: you are watching a movie when you are not looking to the phone it will pause and resume if you look back at the screen again. Amazing features isn't it? That is one of the most innovative features of this device; it designs for us so we can’t miss anything.

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About the Camera, “Galaxy S4” has a 13-megapixel rear camera and 2 megapixel facing camera. The cameras have multiple tasks, which you able to use both two cameras at the same time to capture memories. You can use back and front cameras to take photo or video, after taking pictures different sequence and figure you can edit them together to create a collage with intense special design. You can also add sound to be more fun and excitement. More feature of “Galaxy S4” said that it has a Samsung orb which you can take 360 degree photos. 

The "S4" has a built in IR-blaster which allows your phone to act as a remote control to your Television. “Galaxy S 4” has an ability to use a new feature called Air View it looks like the S pen of Samsung Galaxy Note II that lets the users hover their fingers on the content and make some actions like making calls, scroll the browser without touching the screen.
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Other feature: 

S Translator - let’s allow the user to translate text or speech into different language. 

Group Play – You can share with your friends all together to enjoy music play sharing at the same time. Operate with one phone and play it to another phone simultaneously. The good news is, you can use this feature without internet connection. It uses the built-in wireless connection. 

Health feature – these devices understand and help to achieve your fitness goals to stay active and fit. Galaxy S 4 will track your workouts, what you are eating, weight levels, and adjust the display and volume for depending on how you are using the device. 

Battery capacity - it has 2,600mAh battery power, battery life will last depends on how the user use. To ensure for long battery consumption, make sure to close all open application that is not needed. Or you can download apps killer in Google Market.

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