Mar 5, 2013

Nokia Lumia 920 Review - The Reader's Choice Smartphone of the Year


Nokia smartphone is back after its lost in the market race by Apple and Samsung, "Lumia Nokia" most popular smartphone the Lumia 920 is powered by “Windows 8” operating system, the design was unique that made the "nokia lumia 920" attractive. It has built with “Pureview Motion” display enhancement, so either in outdoor you can read the content under sunlight. 
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nokia lumia 920 photo
Nokia “Lumia 920” wins as
 “Reader’s Choice Smartphone” of the Year in the Engadget Wards 2012 

It comes with a 1.5 GHz dual core “Snapdragon” processor and 1GB capacity of RAM, you don’t need to wait. It has an extra and faster performance when you need it, you can do more even though there’s a multiple application running at the same time such as, watching live streaming, download games, photography. 

 “Snapdragon” technology is powerful and battery-friendly when it comes in performance it’s a mobile-optimized system on chip, it has a unique asynchronous technology which enables each core to power up and power down alone, means it minimize the core performance to save battery.

nokia lumia 920 wireless chargeng photo
See full specification of Nokia Lumia 920

The most innovative features of this "nokia lumia" 920 is you don’t need to plug it to charge, just put on tap of your wireless charging. Introducing a “wireless charging” called Qi based wireless charging technology. 


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