Mar 19, 2013

Holy Week Trip: Bat-ongan Cave and Underground River at Mandaon, Masbate


batongan cave photo

If you are looking for the place to reminisce this holy week season, there’s a lot of tourist destinations here in the Philippines.

If you are an exploratory person, I would refer you to visit “Batongan Cave” in Mandaon, Province of Masbate. It is a perfect place to forfeit this Lenten Season, “Batongan cave” is located in Barangay Batongan Mandaon, Masbate Bicol Region.

It’s about one kilometer and a half away from the national highway, if you live in Masbate Island it is accessible by car and it will take 1 hour from the city.

batongan cave entrance photo

batongan cave top view photo

Batongan cave has known for being an enchanted cave, the shape of this cave is like a mole mountain rock formation and about 150 feet in height. It consists of three entrances and the most reachable entry was the area facing on the north.

When you enter the cave you can found naturally stone shapes like an altar and statue of a saint, there’s also a formation of stone stair going to its altar.

batongan cave chamber 3 photo

batongan cave stalock stone photo

After that when you climb at the second cave, you will notice that it is like a chamber of an elevator and the other chamber found at the top of the mountain. It is not advisable to enter that chamber; its like an amazing tunnel, but you will get lost when you enter there. My Grandfather told me that it’s about 200 meters dept.

Batongan cave” also known as a source of Guano from the large inhabitant of bats, a giant human bones artifacts also found there by American researcher.

top view batongan cave photo

cave photo

The best day to visit Bat-ongan cave was during holy week season, which is mostly open for people who want to experience the beauty provided by Mother Nature. Yearly, it’s about 5,000 estimated tourist visit the cave. You need to pay ten pesos only per person for the entrance fee, and you can spend it for the whole day.

The cave owner offers the tourist to experience the breathtaking feeling; in order to reach the top part of the cave, you need to do rock-climbing. Additional tourist spot is the "underground river," about 10 kilometers away from “bat-ongan cave”. You can visit there and swim if you like, feel the cool and fresh water of Underground River.

1st chamber

There’s some mystery surrounding inside this cave, but until now still undiscovered.


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