Mar 9, 2013

Earn Mailer Make cash or prepaid load from your outgoing emails


Earn mailer lets you put an ad on your "outgoing emails" so you earn every time your friends open your emails or when they click on the ads.

I've been using this method since 2011 and I convert my earnings into load.
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How to start earning?
  • Sign up and save the EARNmailer ad on your signature.
  • Once saved, you earn every time your friends open your emails displaying on the ad or when they click on the ad.
  • Convert your earnings to prepaid load or accumulate and receive them via PayPal once you rich the threshold which is $100.
Your earnings easily convert into prepaid load

Mechanics for claiming load

  • Exclusive to Philippine-based members
  1. Just put your mobile number you wish to send load you wish and enter the load denomination. Make sure that you have sufficient earnings in your account to avail this transaction.  
         Then click on “Next Step”. photo 
    2. Please review the confirmation.
  • Mobile number.
  • Load denomination
  •  USD equivalent of the load which will be deducted from your earnings
Then click YES to proceed with your request,to cancel, click  No.

     3.  If your transaction is successful the load will send to your number you have entered and you will also receiving an email confirmation from Earnmailer. 

Earn for a charitable cause

If you have plenty of earnings and you don't need it, you can also donate you earning to accredited charity institutions or non-government organizations. Share your blessings.

Sample of EARNmailer ads

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With you can earn money online by sending your outgoing emails to your friends or clients its very cost-efficient, self-serve tool that help you and businesses reach their target market in the digital space.


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  1. Aside from sending outbound emails to your contacts, is there any strategy or tricks to earn money from earmailer?

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