Mar 15, 2013

Cardinal Mario Bergoglio Elected as a New Pope - The First Jesuit took the rein of Catholic Church


The Cardinal electors finally elected the new pope at 6pm (Europe time) March 13, 2013. The "papacy conclave" starts last Tuesday but a black smoke rises at the chimney of Sistine chapel, on March 13 noon was second time that black smoked billowed  at the chimney of Sistine chapel indicate that the electors failed to elect a newpope.
pope francis photo
Pope Francis at his first appearance in the balcony of  St. Peter Basilica.
Cardinal Jorge Marion Bergoglio from Argentina is the first pope from Latin America in history, and he is the first non-European pope for almost 1,300 years. When he was an archbishop, he chooses to live in a simple apartment and travel by bus. He takes the name "Pope Francis" I.

The elected pope was a surprise choice to be a leader of 1.2 billion Catholics around the world, because of his age at 76, it is not an ideal age to become a pope, and replace the resigned Pope Benedict XVI and now he will face the controversy in Roman Catholic Church especially in clergy abuse that involves some Priest. "Pope Francis" will lead the worlds to be close to God.
smoke at sistine chapel chimney photo
A white smoke rises from the Sistine chapel at Vatican church, indication that the 115 cardinals elected new pope.  
After an hour when a white smoke rises from a Sistine chapel chimney,  "Pope Francis" come out on the central balcony of St. Peter’s Square Basilica at Vatican City. A modest man said, “Pray for me,” he is wearing white robes of a pope and smile the crowd showing his simplicity and humanity.
Thousand of people inside St. Peter Square waiting eagerly to witness the papal conclave, and when a white smoke billowed at the chimney, the crowd applause and other are crying. Well it’s a tear of joy; finally we have a new spiritual leader.

About Bergoglio

He became a priest at age of 32; he was born on December 17, 1936 in Buenos Aires. He was appointed auxiliary bishop on 1992 and archbishop in 1998; on 2005 he became a President of the Bishop’s Conference of Argentina until 2011. "Pope Francis" was appointed as cardinal in 2001, and he is also close to become a pope on 2005 "papal conclave" which Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger was elected. He marks the history as the first Jesuit that will guide the Catholic Church. 

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