Mar 30, 2013

Apple iPhone 5S Rumors Release Date - What to Expect for New iPhone 5s


What gives Apple a reason, to launch its latest lineup of phones, the iPhone 5s when the iPhone 5 itself hasn't completed its full potential in terms of sales.

Rumors of the "iPhone 5s" are abuzz, and pictures reveals that the latest of iPhone will include color cases as Apple has decided to break the prosaic black and white offerings, joining other manufacturers that produce bright tones for their pricey and flagship models.

There’s not much of a time gap between "rumors of the iPhone 5s" and its possible launch date which means Apple successfully kept information about it within close quarters.

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The phone is expected to come out in June 2013, so all those setting out to buy the iPhone 5, better hold off till you get a good chance to examine the 5s.

Rumors that the phone is due to break into markets in June cannot be disbelieved since Apple has surprised us with premature launches like in case of its "iPad" and "iPad Mini" last October.

The decision to go with a mid-year launch is also not unprecedented as was the case with the "iPhone 3G" and the "iPhone 4."

Also doing the rounds, is that the iPhone 5s will be a budget phone against the iPhone 6, the latter will come complete with all the high end, and all powerful features you can expect from a sixth generation iPhone.

Lowering the bar on its price means that the 5s will be pitted against Android budget phones, something that Apple has never before attempted. Perhaps lower quality materials in its exterior and a few cut backs on the inside hardware will contribute to a decrease in its price.

However whatever be the case, the seal of that Apple logo, is one of quality assurance.

Some sources, say that the iPhone 5s will cost less than the iPhone 5 and will use a fiberglass and plastic case which will be offered in a variety of colors. While Apple usually concentrates on churning out top-end devices, it did launch its lower costing MacBook to bring that laptop in the race with other more affordable devices.

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Apparently, another rumor going around is that the iPhone 5S will come with a higher-resolution display than the existing iPhone 5, this is a good choice, since cutting back on the exterior won’t be a welcome change even for people looking to buy a budget device, without there being promises of high quality in other aspects, which in this case is the higher-resolution display.

This display is based on the new IGZO (Indium Gallium Zinc Oxide) material, which works to deliver a brighter effect and more details on screen than that seen in the iPhone 5.

The use of this IGZO technology even takes off a few in terms of thickness which in turn offers better handling.

If Sharp’s IGZO technology doesn’t ring a bell, it was first shown off in a 32inch 4K monitor at the CES 2013 show, which could mean two things; one, that the technology captured Apple’s imagination on what it needed for the iPhone 5s, or that a quiet and secret bond was already formed at the time of, which was specifically achieved for the purpose of the 5s.

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The Apple iPhone 5s is also speculated to have a larger storage space, about 128GB from the 64GB present on the iPhone 5.

Analysts will be quick to point out that Apple is careful not to dilute its own popularity and market share in relation to each of its products. For instance, Apple has not gone with a bigger screen for its iPhone, to keep the device strictly different from the iPad Mini.

So, with the 128GB iPad already in the market, which was launched targeting the storage needs of professionals, making the iPhone 5s a 128 GB worth of memory phone carrier doesn’t fit the Apple scheme of strategy.

The iPhone 5s may also come with support for near-field communications (NFC) support. This close-range wireless system is already in place in most Android top of the line smartphones, and was omitted from the iPhone 5, for reasons best left to be explained by the manufacturer itself.

Fingerprint technology to boost security is apparently going to be featured in the "iPhone 5s."

With other Android devices facing series software problems with their unlock screens, this could be Apple’s cheeky way of taking advantage of that faltering technology.

This fingerprint scanner is also particularly being used to validate NFC payments, taking the security of the device and its user to a maximum. This fingerprint reader is alleged to be provided by Chipbond, after successfully contracting with Apple with the "iPhone 5s."

Apple also recently acquired Authentec, which provides fingerprint/NFC security system solutions. So perhaps, the quest to incorporate this technology into its latest Apple device is certain.

The Passbook app which presently exists only supports store cards, tickets and discount vouchers, Apple may integrate a digital wallet into this Passbook app, which move is an answer to Google Wallet, recently launched in UK, for Android phones using NFC, for instance the Samsung Galaxy SIV.

Fingerprint sensor means dedicated space on the device taking up the clean and bare minimum hardware characteristic feature of the iPhone. To overcome this problem and for better usability, Apple may integrate this reader underneath the home button.

With the name itself suggesting that the "iPhone 5s" is but a variant of the iPhone 5, there probably won’t be much difference on the design front.

Suffice to say that only a few tweaks may be done to add distinction to the slightest degree. Some of the leaked pictures reveal that there is a change to the mounting holes used to secure the smartphone's main circuit board to the casing.

This is indicative of possible new hardware or changed specifications, maybe a quad-core processor with 2GBof RAM.

Withall the rumors going around of the Apple iPhone 5s, and with the extremities people go to fake rumors about this widely speculated Apple phone, we caution you folks not to heed to those rumors, and especially photographs which portray the wrong picture altogether.

One such picture showed that the iPhone 5s mainboard with A7 processor. This photograph went viral, and was ultimately proved to be a hoax by another source which showed the original photograph with an A6 processor. With June coming around the corner, hold your breath and let suspense hold you till the big levee by Apple takes place.

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