Feb 21, 2013

How to Get More Likes on Facebook Fan Page and Boost New Audience


Facebook page is now popular today, many marketers, publisher, advertiser, Celebrities etc. are using this service. This is a quick and easy way to promote your products on the internet, but you need a huge of followers to achieve your goal.

The question is... how can you get more likes/followers? Liker’s is very important in Facebook fan page. 

If you have thousand of followers, there's a lots of interaction you can get when you post or promote your products on Facebook fan page. The good news is... it’s completely FREE! to create you own fan page, you can earn some likes for free but other spent money to get more followers.

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I am a blogger, and I also used Facebook to promote my blog. I share my new publish article on my personal account and Facebook fan page to get more traffic to my blog.

I have shared an info-graphics below on "how to get more Facebook likes," hopefully it can help you to guide what you need to do.

Facebook info-graphics
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I'l Doing this strategy.

Post Interesting Video to your page

Uploads video directly to your page, don’t post a link from YouTube.

But make sure you own that video, tag with your friends so your post will show on the wall of your friends you have tagged.

If you tag your friends, your post will visible on the news feed of their friends. So there's a possibility to click and visit your page and like it. 

Status update

How often do you update your status, do you use text only or text with photo? Did you know that only 2% of your fans response to text update than posting with photos... 

Many advertisers agree that photos get more engagement because photo can give description without reading the content.


Yes! its right, if I saw interesting photos I like and share it.

When someone like and share your post, there’s a possibility to get more likes from a group of friends who shared it.


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