Feb 18, 2013

Harlem Shake is the new dance craze on Youtube - 10 Best Harlem Shake Version


Harlem shake is now the latest internet crazes goes viral, the newest dance that will taking over the phenomenon “Gangnam Style” in the internet.

The Harlem shake begun early in 1980s, but today Baauer released the latest version of "Harlem shake" song that spot at no. 1 on iTunes Charts. Filthy Frank uploaded the first video on YouTube last Feb 2, 2013 and hits over 50 millions views now, after the video goes viral over 40, 000 Harlem shake videos have been uploaded to YouTube

A new internet meme it seems to take over the horse- mad dash dance called “Gangnam style” that made history when it became the ever video on YouTube that reach 1 billion views last December 2012.

Harlem shake dance move start with one person shaking with a mask, while everyone joins when the chorus starts. This videos became viral on the internet not because of many meme uploaded on the internet, but because it capture your attention for being unique and passionate.

Below  is the Top 10 Best Harlem Shake Version.


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