Dec 22, 2012

Top 5 Best Airport Restaurant around the World You Must to Visit


On ordinary vacation or business trip, we usually plan to drop by in the airport restaurant to see what they offer to serve for us. A traveler are looking for something new to filling a hole of their stomachs. If you love travel around the world you must visit these top 5 best airport restaurant in the world.

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1 . Bubbles Seafood & Wine Bar, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Don’t leave the airport without trying to visit in Bubbles Seafood & Wine Bar, built with saltwater aquarium in departure lounge. Although the restaurant recognized for its traditional Dutch favorite like raw herring and pump oyster with fresh bread and onions.

2. Crust, LaGuardia Airport, New York City

Sometimes it can be difficult to find a good restaurant to eat at the airport, especially if you just need a quick bite on the way to the gate. Crust restaurants serve a combines’ of Italian American favorite’s homemade pizza, and flavored wine. Good thin-crust pizza with top quality ingredients, a nice treat before boarding to your plane.

3.  Five Guys, Washington Dulles International Airport

From one family owned and operated hamburger, five guys have opened 1000th store. The best $5 burger to try, they offer you more choices with toppings. Five guys’ is one of the favorite restaurant of Pres. Barack Obama.

 4. Encounter, Los Angeles International Airport

Great architecture design and cool atmosphere, the food was delicious and you may relax while watching planes come and go. Encounter serves a fresh California fare such as their signature Cobb salad with California avocado,  green onions,  roma tomatoes, organic boiled eggs, and a blue cheese salad tower made with maple smoked bacon, herbed chicken, and buttermilk for dressing.

5.  Tortas Frontera, Chicago O’Hare International Airport

If love Mexican food, Tortas Fontera offered hand crafted tortas -  a griddle baked Mexican sandwiches with beef short ribs, chipotle chicken, shrimp and goat cheese filling. They also serve warm open face sandwiches, roasted tomatillo guacamole freshly made and you can pick your choice of toppings.  Tortas Fontera was created by Chef Rick Bayless, that serves a high-quality and authentic "Mexican food."


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  1. interesting. i have been to all these airports in the past, but i don't remember eating at any restaurants. i think we mostly ate somewhere in the streets or hotel restaurant.

  2. Wow! Dine-in on that restaurants are really amazing but I am wondering what the looks of those best airport restaurants. Hope see the photos of them. Thanks.

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