Dec 6, 2012

7 Tips for iPhone 4s and 5 User - for a better experience


If you are using an iPhone 4s or recently purchased the new iPhone5 then it is imperative that you find out the most essential tips for using it. There are numerous tips and tricks available for your most favored device but here are 7 most useful tips. These will help you gain a better control of your device and are useful too. 

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Tweek the iOS 6 Maps

Most of us are aware of the new Maps app introduced by Apple, it seems to need changes but however you can make a few changes at your end. Go to Settings>Maps>Change label size. By choosing to change the label size you will have the liberty of viewing more geographic locations. The small text size allows displaying more options, also the layout seems more organized this way and less cluttered. The only catch is that you should have a good eyesight to make out the small text. 

Change panoramic direction

The inclusion of iOS 6 is something that has bought many possibilities for iPhone users. This software comes with an inbuilt panorama feature. You can access this feature via Options menu. You can easily capture a panorama image by camera pan from left to right, which is also the default option. If you want to change direction then tap the arrow that appears on the screen. Now you can pan camera from right to left. 

Siri Whisper Trick

Giving voice commands to Siri is amazing but if you are keen on keeping it to yourself then you need to enable the settings. Settings-General-Siri- enable Rise to Speak. This feature enables the Siri functionality when a user puts the device close to the ear. Therefore, whenever you pick your device and bring it close to your ear you can whisper the command and Siri will follow. Interestingly if you want to escape an annoying meeting or a boring conversation pretend that you are on phone while Siri listens to you and you are out. People will be fooled into believing that you are in conversation with another. 

DND Options

The iOS 6 comes with a pre-loaded feature of DND (Do Not Disturb) to allow a user for silencing notifications. Interestingly you can make settings for a specific time window to silence notifications including, e-mails, messages and calls. Go to Settings- Notifications- Do Not Disturb and enable the time setting that suits you. For example you have a meeting scheduled for 1 hour then you can accordingly fill in the time by which the device will stay silent. Even in silent mode you can set conditions for receiving calls from specific contacts.

Directly attach video and picture

The best that comes across while using the iOS 6 is the ability to attach videos and pictures directly in an e-mail. You can make attachments in your blank message, press and hold down in message body to reveal a pop up. The pop is Insert Photo or Video option. If you have already composed a message then tap the arrow that appears on the right hand side to reveal the pop up option. 

Backing up Pictures

If you are finding means for backing up the pictures in your iTunes then you can access the inbuilt solution. Photo Stream comes with a solution for backing-up images including the pictures taken within the time span of 30 days on your device. Go to Settings- Photos & Camera, this reveals the pictures that you have stored on your Mac or other Apple devices. 

Push E-mail 

If you frequently use e-mail for communication then it is essential for you to have it on your mobile device. However, just using the Add Account in your Hotmail or Gmail account is not enough as this would only enable accessing account. You need a quick alert like Push e-mail and set up inbox in your device. all this is possible through MS Exchange that enables pushing new messages on your iPhone.

• Go to Settings-Mail, Contacts, Calendars-Add Account-Microsoft Exchange 
• Now add your e-mail id along with password 
• Name your inbox
• In the Server field enter or
• In the Username field enter your e-mail id and password
• Press Next and unselect the Contact and Calendars and then Save

After discovering the above given 7 tips you will gain a better user experience with your iPhone 4S and iPhone5.

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7 Tips for iPhone 4s and 5 User - for a better experience


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