Nov 10, 2012

Travel Photography Tips: 6 Techniques to Make Photo Shooting Fun


Nowadays, it seems that travel can’t live without photography because digital cameras, may it be compact, mirror less or DSLRs are getting affordable for travelers. Today, let us take a look on some techniques which you can use to make you travel photography exciting and fun.

Here are the 6 techniques for everyone who wants to make photo shooting fun.

1. Candid. Also known as stolen shot. A way of taking picture of a natural scene as the way it is. No posing. No set up. No choreography. All natural. Usually, candid shots have more beautiful and meaningful stories compared from all other techniques listed below.

candid photo

2. Floating. I’m sure you have seen a lot of people who ask their friend to photograph them while they jump high. This requires high speed setting in your camera and this is a very fun technique. My friends love this too.

Travel Photography Tips: 6 Techniques to Make Photo Shooting Fun

3. Forced Perspective. It is done by forcing two or more elements from different distances create a dramatic story and visual illusion. The more imaginative you are the better shot you will have.

Travel Photography Tips: 6 Techniques to Make Photo Shooting Fun

4. Planking. This fun activity becomes popular to many youth, playing dead as they call it. I don’t see it to nice to look at but for the sake on ‘fun’, just give it a try. ^_^ In fact I not even tried doing it or shoot a friend doing it.

photo via Wikipedia
5. Pose. This what most people love, to pose in front of a camera. When you have time, try stay in a most visited tourist spot in you place then observe what visitors do, how they pose and how they enjoy posing. You can do the same with you subject just for fun. ‘Wacky’ and ‘V-sign’ poses also become popular to people of all ages and races nowadays.


6. Tableau. It is almost similar with pose, but it is more on making a scene and mimicked stories in a frozen act. Tableau is fun when done with you family and friends during leisure time. The photographer or someone from the group will choreograph what scene he or she wanted to make then ask everyone to freeze for a shoot. 

Travel Photography Tips: 6 Techniques to Make Photo Shooting Fun

Which of these techniques have you ever done? Which of them do you find more fun? Share it with us through comments.

Thank you for reading. Godspeed!
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