Nov 3, 2012

5 of the Best Natural Parks in the Philippines to Visit


The natural parks of the Philippines are melting pots where one can relish the profusion of magnificent plants and animals set a midst vast rock formations, legendary mountains, and fresh flowing waters. Our country is blessed and has a gift of nature that is irreplaceable by any other man-made creation.

These idyllic sites are some of the protected areas under the National Integration Protected Areas System of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources.

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1. Puerto Princesa Subterranean Reef National Park-Palawan

subterranean river
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The "Puerto Pricesa Subterranean river" National Park is a gem among biodiversity conservation area of the Philippines. Also known as Saint Paul Underground River, the national park is located in the Saint Paul Mountain Range on the northern coast of Palawan, about 50 kilometers northwest of the city proper.

The national park is managed by the city government of Puerto Princesa. It is the official Philippine entry and is among the 28 finalists to the search for the "new seven wonders" of nature.

2. Mount Kan-laon Natural Park-Negros Occidental
mount kan laon

Mount Kan-laon is a highly active volcano and is counted among the six most active volcanoes in the  country. Centrally located in the highlands of Negros, it forms part of the natural political division between   the two provinces of occidental and oriental, in  the western and eastern portions of the Island.

The natural formations of mount kan-laon uderscore its scientific,  educational, and recreational importance, which also makes the natural park ideal for mountain climbing and bird watching enthusiasts. The mountain is also notable for its resident community of endangered flora and fauna species including the enticing Negros fruit dove, a bird locals still believe to exist.

3. Mount Apo Natural Park-Davao
mount apo
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Mount Apo Natural Park was establish on May 9, 1936. It is home to the towering volcanic mount apo-the tallets of all Philippines mountains and resting at 3, 143.6 meters above sea level. It is blessed with steep slopes, steaming geysers, rainwater lakes, swift-flowing rivers, thundering waterfalls, and endangered flora and fauna.

Spanning the municipalities of Bansalan and Sta. Cruz, cities of Davao and Digos in Davao del sur as well as municipalities of Magpet, Makilala and Kidapawan city in Cotabato Region, Mount Apo has been sacred ground to six indigenous tribes-Manobos, Bagobos, Ubos, Atas, K'lagans and Tagacaolos.

4. Northern Sierra Madre Natural Park-Isabela
sierra madre
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Reveling of a Nurturing Soul, Northern Sierra Madre National Park is ensconced in the Sierra Madre Bio-geographic zone along the western side of central Luzon, also known as the Palanan Complex or Palanan wilderness area, it sprawls on 287, 861 hectares of land and 71, 625 hectares of marine  areas wherein a treasure-trove of endangered and rare wildlife are cuddled by the serene and alpine landscape of the sierra madre mountain range that stands guard. 

5. Mount Malindang Range Natural Park-Misamis Occidental
mount malindang
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Mount Malindang range natural park in Misamis Occidental covers a total lang area of 53,262 hectares with 15 major watersheds or catchment basins. Its dense old growth forest nestled in the higher areas of the mountain is an important biodiversity refuge for a great member of endemic and rare fauna and floral species. some importants species found in the park include the Philippine Eagle, Philippine Brown Deer and the Philippine Tarsier, among others.

Visit these 5 natural parks and be inspired to be conscious voices for their continuous preservation of the Philippines seven wonders 

Landbank, National Integration Protected Areas System of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources.


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