Oct 20, 2012

Introducing to Search Engine Optimization for Beginner - Search Engine Optimization


Most of web master want their content to be displayed at the top of the search results and page rankings and search engines are the primary method to drive traffic to your site. search engine optimization (SEO), is the practice of improving the visibility of a website or blog to search engine like Google, Bing, Yahoo which provide unique targeted traffic in natural way.

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Optimized website or blog will increase to the higher ranked in search result list and will receive more visitors, since billion users search for a topic or keyword and the fact is searches mostly  select on the first page of the result list.

Ask yourself, does my website need SEO? The answer is yes! "Search engine" is major source of traffic driven to site, although there’s a lot of techniques can generate visitors to your website like social media, search engines is the most important and more effective to reach and keep those readers.

The search engines responsibility is to drive users to your site and serve relevant results. When the users search for a products or services search engine helps to give relevance to specific keywords that people search for.

SEO is a critical work for beginners or uneducated on how search engines optimization work. To ensure that your site designed is search engine-friendly be careful, follow the Google Webmaster Guidelines to see the result do you expect. Search some useful SEO tutorial ask your co-blogger they can give you useful link and read carefully before you applied on your site. 

Try this seo basics

Putting keyword to your post titleand content– try to put atleast two keywords related to the content but be careful, don’t use too much keywords in your content when the search engine crawl your pages it may suspect as spam.

Add Meta tag to your site – a large algorithmic that major search engine look, meta tags helps to tell search engine what your site is all about.
Meta tags code insert below <head>

"< head>
< title> title of your site </title>
< meta name= “description” content=”text that describe your site limit of 150 char.”>
< meta name=”keywords” content=”insert your keyword here limit of 80 char”/>"

Linking to older post – this will increase the number of you backlink when you link your recent post to previous post.  Also get links to trusted website to have quality link by commenting, write quality content and submit to article directory.

Submit your blog to webmaster tool - Google webmaster tool and Bing webmaster tool it allows to index your page for optimize visibility in search result.

Link your site to analyticit offered a free service that generates statistic details about the visits to a website, tract visitors from all referrals website including search engine.

The important aspect of "search engine optimization" is making your website easy to find, visible for both users and search engine robots, understanding SEO allow you to build good web content and bring your site into the top of search result page.

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Introducing to "Search Engine Optimization" for Beginner


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