Sep 7, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Note: Experience the most Advanced pen Technology


The GALAXY Note combines full touch experience and the most advanced pen input "technology". The free flowing input experience overcomes the current input limitations. S Pen features pressure sensitivity to make writing and drawing very similar to using an analog pen and is integrated into every single part of the GALAXY Note.

S Planner is a professional smart planner which makes you manage your complicated schedules very easily and intuitively as you do on your diary. Now, you can see bigger view and do more thing while on the go 

With S Pen on the S Memo, you can record all types of ideas instantly and freely. You can even capture any type of idea such as photos, sounds, text, drawings and more through various input functions. And the handwriting digitization is available for the better contents management.

By utilizing the 5.3” immerse screen, you will get free viewing experience with the need of minimum scrolling and screen transition. Any screen can be captured and annotated with detailed commentary in your own handwriting. The "GALAXY Note" allows for screens to be captured in any shape or form using the precision, S pen. 

Photos and videos can be easily personalized using the advanced S pen. The S pen makes it possible to scribble in personalized notes about precious moments such as family outings, a baby’s first walk and more. Communication is no longer limited to just text. Drawings, ideas, emotions, and more can be added into text messages and emails. 

HD quality (1280 x 800) Super AMOLED display gives you clear and crisp viewing experience anytime anywhere 

5.3'' HD super AMOLED screen
Android Gingerbread
1.4GHz Dual Core Processor
S-Pen / S-Pen Applications
Immerse screen with smartphone portability
Easy tasking on the full screen
Free capturing and creation
Powerful performance 


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