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Dec 22, 2011

Keep Off the Grass - Why people always ignore public signs


The public sign has been placed not only for  "decoration," it is for individual or inform the public about the laws that must be followed. but sometimes it is not followed by people especially if there is no guard assigned. 

At SM north EDSA Garden, there are sign posted "Thank you for keeping off the grass" but it's not given the attention and they  kept stepping on the grass taking picture.

Putting the signs is the only way to keep people from stepping on grass but most of the sign, people are ignore it they don't mind of what the benefits/purpose or reason why the sign posted. It is very natural of being "pinoy" which should not be, yet we often do.

Below are some of the photos taking by me when I drop by at SM North EDSA, these people still taking pictures and ignore the public sign posted on the grass. Even the guard is always reminds them not to stepping the grass, but they don't mind.

Its great to take a picture when you see wonderful view, but before doing that you must observe about the public sign posted on it. If you are allowed or not, make sense.


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  1. I also do not know why some people are like that, katulad na lang "Bawal Umihi dito" pero meron ka makikitang umiihi, gross di ba

  2. uu nga eh.. masarap daw kc gawin ang bawal dun kilala ang isang pinoy hehehe

  3. Hindi nauuso sa Pinas yan! hahaha. sa hilig natin papicture kahit san-san, kahit Off the Grass hindi pinapansin haha

  4. anu ba yan! parang sagabal pa sa kanila yung post.marurunong namang bumasa ang mga batang ire.kung ako nanay ng mga yan at nandyan ako ,nakurot ko na sila sa singit.

  5. hehehe, sumasakit nga ulo ng guard jan eh.

  6. tanggalin na lang ang sign... maapakan na lang ang damo - ano nga ba ang problema bat hindi pwede apakan ang damo sa pinas... e dito naman at sa ibang lugar e inaapakan talaga yan - at well maintained


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