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May 1, 2015

El Gamma Penumbra gets Golden Buzzer on Asia's Got Talent

Another act from the Philippines advance to the Grand Finals, El Gamma Penumbra received a ‘Golden buzzer’ from Asia’s Got Talent judges. Gerphil Flores also advancing to grand finals, she got the highest public votes during previous episode together with Junior New System.

Photo from El Gamma Penumbra Official facebook page.
"We thank the good Lord above for another golden buzzer! We return all the glory and praises to You! 

And to all the supporters of this amazing shadow theater, you are all wonderful. Thanks for your love and sentiments!!! We believe you will be with the team Philippines till the end." El Gamma thanks to all who support them.
The Golden Buzzer is an opportunity of the judges to put one act to the next round of the competition; in the last episode of Asia’s Got Talent semi-final, El Gamma Penumbra gets the gold to grand finals.

This is the second time that the shadow play dance troupe received the Golden Buzzer from the judges, and they automatically advance to the next round. El Gamma Penumbra is the second act, who received the Golden Buzzer and secured the spot for the grand finals, first was the Junior New System.

Next week will be the grand finals of Asia’ Got talent, the grand winner will take home $100,000 US dollar.

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